Monday, September 22, 2008

Trust God

The recent news of the failing of my Grade 8 practical is devastating for me. I know i composed the song ' A Miracle' for a purpose. There are times when u can muster all your courage and faith and say,' I can do it'...But sometimes, we doubt and ask ourselves- is it possible?

Faith doesn't come that easily. This is the lesson i learnt from this. Everything happen for a purpose,that's what we believe too. Sometimes we look at someone and see such faith and confidence in them, but never realise how that faith was nurtured. Its true when we often try to fool God by exclaiming we trust Him, but deep down inside...We are doubting him. Its like an unseen current moving and pulling you deeper by your own thoughts... Well, got to learn to pick yourself up when u fall...Most importantly, know that God is there to fill us when we are empty..