Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Life after SPM...

Well...its actually 2 months after SPM..I don't think i actually realize this..
Unlike some people who actually use their free time wisely, such as starting A-levels or at least working...I think i am just trying my entire holiday.
I wanted to join BRATS and couldn't even finish the essay about myself..Although 21/2 is the closing..I think i will work on it after this :P
I think i have not been very productive at home..But glad to say I actually worked 3 whole days..It was quite an experience though..And the best part is I get paid!! Yeah...
I think i have a confession to make..
I think i am not a very productive person in the sense where I dont have the initiative to actually apply for programs or even look for jobs on my own. I nned others to make the 1st move for me..Example:

1. I actually had a chance to apply for AFS (student exchange program) to Japan..and
guess what? I actually convinced myself i shouldn't coz my others applied for it, and there is only a slim chance of me getting it
Evaluation : I think that was only an excuse.I think i was just saving the trouble of going through all the application forms and had no guts to just go for the interview...like what they say, u never try, u never know...Which is true...I didn't even try and already told myself it is not worth a try..

2. I wanted to join the ship-Doulos...And guess what? I didnt even call up and ask..
That wasn't so hard, right?
Eva.:I guess i always make plans but hardly even try. Come to think of it, i guess i might be accepted because i'm there as a volunteer. Besides, it would be something to remeber and not waste my holiday lying at home..just reading or watching tv..

3. I was eager to take a part time job. What do u know? I have national service coming up..Plus I must attend youth and sunday worship..There is no job which could be able to bend for my driving lessons too..
Eva : I think i was giving so many excuses and not taking the initiative to just ask around for a job. Imagine, Wai Siang is studying and he actually got a job in Miracle Star. They are even off on Sunday. I night even ask for a half day job on Sat and that would actually solve my prob.

3. I was planning to give tuition if all my plans abve don't work. Well, started off when a restaurant waitress actually asked if i was giving any..well not exactly asking me first, just wanted to know where she could get tuition for her children..But i was so thrilled that i would only 'use my brains' to earn money..Which is great,not really tiring in the sense as it is only for an hour or 2 for a day. But then, she never call..Just great, end of that thought. But i actually said i would give Bio tuition for f4 students instead. That would be easy as i hav Susan Loo's notes..
And, you know what happen next, end up only 2 students(including Eliz) and then they had dancing class on that day or something...and ended up being no tuition at all...
Eva: I think i have a problem of not persevering enough...I always think of doing many things bu ti just dont have the fire to carry out right till the end. I get bored easily and that really must be changed or else i would have a hard time working next time..
Like my piano class for the 2 girls-Debbie and Angelina...Even the boys..I think i am making empty promises...

The only thing i felt i did right was to take my driving lessons and tmr will be the big day, and i hope it would be the end of all...I really hope i would pass it once and for all..Even Yun Ying failed it...well, it is not by my strength but the leading of the Holy Spirit i would say..Just pray hard, do my best and leave the rest to God :)


Arnan Koh said...

WOW... It is like finally, a post from Esther's Blog.... it has been a long time....

HAve fun with the short break you are having now.. It will only get tougher

siehjin said...

hi esther =)

this was 4 months ago... man, i'm out-of-date...

anyway, how did the driving test go? and when are you leaving for national service, are you there already?

wherever you are and whatever you're doing, God bless! =)